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Yet again.

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We have: "Seventy-one dead bodies. Three brawls. Exploding sky bus.

Two exploding bad guys. Exploding cop car.

Virtual Assassin ★★ Cyberjack 1995 (R)

Exploding cop. Exploding elevator. Belly-dancing hologram. Eurasian Patent Organization. European Patent Office.

Virtual Assassin / Cyberjack

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Cyberjack (1995) aka Virtual Assassin - Trailer

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VIDEO: Transhuman god in Cyberjack aka Virtual Assassin movie

Publication Date. Now it's time to go all John McClane on their asses. So many plot elements are recycled from "Die Hard" that one will fill an head-ache inducing sense of deja vu waving over them. Crawling through ductwork: check.

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Killing guy to get machine gun: check. Hero clashing with police outside: check. Aside from the "Die Hard" elements the high tech futuristic portion of the plot is also completely ridiculous. Our head villain wants a computer virus injected into his body in order for him to go viral. Seriously, are we ripping off "The Lawnmower Man" also?

Hell, I will admit the plot is more intriguing than "Lawnmower Man 2".