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I found, therefore, that I split my revising into two sections. The first was mainly knowledge based.

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When it comes to memorising information, there are many ways you can do this. Using mindmaps and flashcards are usually the most obvious.

I chose to make each topic into a powerpoint. For example, I could have a slide per study. Also, I find having visual cues really helpful but I am terrible at drawing, so using the computer meant I could have memorable pictures from the internet on each slide. However, I also found it best to use multiple ways of revising.

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After I made the slides, I condensed them futher into flashcards so my friends could test me. I would also make mindmaps using everything I could remember off the top of my head, and then fill in the gaps using my slides using a different colour pen so I knew what I needed to go over. While the knowledge revising is time-consuming, the most important bit of your revision will be writing exam answers.

The Descent of Man. Grayson Perry. The Idiot Brain. Dean Burnett.

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The Body Keeps the Score. Bessel A. Van der Kolk. The Silent Guides.

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Steve Peters. How to Be Human. Ruby Wax. How to Change Your Mind. Michael Pollan. Your review has been submitted successfully. Not registered? Forgotten password Please enter your email address below and we'll send you a link to reset your password.

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Not you? Forgotten password? Other tips on revising: - Try listening to music. Make a playlist of music you like, but won't get distracted by. This might be classical or instrumental, but I like listening to music with lyrics so long as it's not too loud. When I was doing my Core Studies paper, I made a playlist with one song per study and I'd try to remember everything I can about the study when its song was on. It'd work for this unit too and is a pretty fun way to revise a lot all at once.

Just don't spend too long finding a song for the study. Relevant ones work best for me, such as Memories by Panic! This includes physical exercise at least every couple of days preferably a walk or more everyday , as well as working in different environments. Being cooped up in your room at the desk for hours on end isn't healthy and you'll start to get really bored.

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  • Try working in the kitchen one day, the dining room another, your sofa, outside, in the library I don't find study groups helpful as I prefer independent revision, but when you're struggling, real people are a lot more reassuring and helpful than searching through the internet for hours on end just getting stressed out. Revising gets boring; after all, you're looking at the same information for hours on end. So try to make it somewhat interesting by combining visual methods, note-making, flashcards and past paper questions.

    This'll get your brain working, help you to practice and even means you can target specific areas of weakness. For example, if you struggle with reliability, write yourself a reliability question on every topic. You never know, it might come up. I'm rubbish at this, because I tend to work at something until I'm utterly shattered but so much research has shown our concentration lapses sometime after half an hour of work.

    I'd suggest working periods of 50 minutes followed by a ten minute break, and then every couple of hours, take an hour break.

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    During your breaks, make sure you get a drink, maybe a snack, and leave your work area. Even just wandering around your living room is better than surfing the internet at the laptop you'll be staring at all afternoon as it'll keep you energised. Good luck, let me know if you have any tips for me to add! Labels: forensic psychology , g , health and clinical psychology , options in applied psychology , revision , tips. Anonymous 21 May at Vicky Gabb 21 May at Anonymous 23 May at Vicky Gabb 24 May at Anonymous 25 May at Vicky Gabb 25 May at Steven 30 May at Vicky Gabb 30 May at Vicky Gabb 31 May at Steven 31 May at Vicky Gabb 1 June at Vicky Gabb 4 June at Elia 1 June at Vicky Gabb 2 June at Anonymous 27 September at Anonymous 31 October at Anonymous 28 May at Anonymous 30 May at Anonymous 16 September at

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