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Can I come in? Come in! Dann ist er mit vollem Magen eingeschlafen.

Teen Wolf - Stiles Stilinski/Nogitsune (S3E18) German Clip

Then with a full stomach he fell asleep. Er sah das Haus und beschloss dort stehen zu bleiben und nach einem Glas Wasser zu fragen.

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At this moment a hunter emerged from the forest. He saw the house and decided to stop and ask for a glass of water. He was looking for a big wolf who had been stealing sheep from the village. Diesmal wird er mir nicht entkommen! The hunter heard a strange whistling inside the house. He looked through the window and saw the big wolf lying snoring on Grandma's bed. He won't escape me this time! Carefully and quietly, the hunter crept into the cottage. Approaching literally: "walking towards" the bed, he heard a little girl crying The hunter cut open the stomach of the wolf with his knife, and out popped Little Red Riding Hood and her Grandma, well and healthy.

The hunter filled the wolf's stomach with rocks from the garden, and then stitched it closed again. When the wolf woke up and saw the hunter, he ran away as fast as he could. The big rocks gave him such a sore stomach that he became vegetarian, and left the village alone forever. Sie hat sich Sorgen gemacht, als ihre Tochter nicht nach Hause kam. Little Red Riding Hood's mother arrived at Grandma's house when the sun was setting. She had been worried when her daughter hadn't come home.

When she saw Little Red Riding Hood she burst into tears of joy.

German editions of the Three Investigators

After they thanked the hunter again, Little Red Riding Hood and her mother walked back home through the forest. Wenn wir das machen, wird uns nichts passieren. If we do that, nothing will happen to us. Home german Lessons german Stories Reviews. Ich nehme mir vielleicht nur noch eine…" Translate?

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Audiodatei herunterladen. Near the forest, there lives a mother pig, who has three little pigs. Go and build your own houses. But take care that the wolf does not catch you. The first little pig builds his house from straw. He works all day long.

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When his house is finished, he is a very happy pig. I will build my house from sticks. I will build my house from bricks. Ich bin bereits unter deiner Haut. You see I am the wolf,.

Du siehst, ich bin der Wolf. And this dirty, little piggy lives inside of me.

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You see every now and then,. Du siehst jedes jetzt und dann. I forget which one that I want and which one that I need. I have come to realize.

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Ich beginne zu begreifen. That both of them have become a necessity. Das sie beide Notwendig geworden sind. I now have come to realize.

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Ich habe nun begriffen. That I become which animal I choose to feed. Anything I say you lie along with me. Every song you sing is all because of me I said. Jedes Lied das singst ist alles wegen mir Sagte ich. Free download.

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